Sunday, April 3, 2011

Robot Walk

So I've finally gotten Maya on my computer and thought I'd warm up with a walk cycle.  I found a bunch of rigs online, but decided to use this Robot that was rigged by Hong Zhi Hao for my animation.  I had a fun time working in 3-D again, and although the Robot doesn't have a toe bend or toe roll control, I thought I would plough ahead anyway and have fun with the walk.  I've recently finished reading Eric Goldberg's book, which I highly recommend picking up, and listening to one of his interviews from Animation Mentor, and was really inspired by his ideas about putting some nice character into a walk.  I really wanted to capture a nice attitude in this Robots walk, and tried to make him feel like a bit of a tough guy, stomping around.  I hope you enjoy the animation!

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