Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Muscle Car!

I've always loved Hot Wheels. Nothing was better when I was growing up than taking out my collection into my parents garden and driving them around all over the place.  Now that I've grown up, I still collect the odd Hot Wheel now and again, but instead of driving them around, I'm busy drawing them!  The first two images of the car are observational studies of one of my many cars.  Once I finished it up, I got thinking what type of a character would drive around in this classic muscle car and came up with this fun looking fellow.  I also wanted to start having a little more fun with some of my old art supplies that I've had sitting around.  What can I say, I love drawing in pencil and prismacolors a little too much. I did the tones in markers that I had originally bought over 10 years ago!  Hows that for some long lasting art materials.  Hope you enjoy!

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